Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my investment in the Headingley Community Foundation able to be used as a tax write off?

Yes, Headingley Community Foundation is able to give you a tax receipt that you could show as a donation on your taxes.

2. Does HCF allow me to make a donation in someone else’s name?

Yes, you can make a donation on behalf or in memory of someone other than yourself and still use it as your tax write off.

3. Can I make an annual donation to the HCF?

Yes, we encourage people to donate annually when they can.

4. Does my donation go anywhere else, other than to improve the lives of Headingley residents?

No, all our funds stay right here in Headingley (although we do use Endow Mb’s website for on line donations, which are forwarded to us with no fees added.)

5. Does Headingley really need a Headingley Community Foundation?

Yes, while our municipal government is supportive of recreation and other services, their mandate is to support infrastructure and capital expenses. There is still a need for additional funding. There are residents in Headingley who can not afford to pay for programs and there are good organizations that can’t access grants to keep their programs active. We are sure that we can improve the quality of life for many people of all ages in Headingley.

6. What happens to my donation?

It gets placed into a fund where the interest earned is accumulated and spent annually improving the quality of life for many in Headingley.

7. Does my name (as a donor) get mentioned publicly?

Not if you don’t want it to, but we encourage people to be open about your giving, to inspire others to donate as well.

8. Is there a minimum or maximum that I can donate annually?

No, the HCF welcomes all donations of any amount.

9. How do I make a donation to HCF?

Either on our website by clicking on the Endow Mb logo, or by printing off the PDF form and mailing in your donation by cheque or money order. If you want to make a cash donation, call our phone line and someone will make arrangements to meet with you. Please do NOT mail cash